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Company Profile

Matharu Carpentry is a family owned business and has been established for over 25 years in Dubai. Matharu Carpentry undertakes Carpentry and Interior Decoration projects for Hotels, Residences and Commercial Businesses in Dubai and neighbouring emirates. Since incorporation, Matharu Carpentry has been driven by the principle of providing exceptional customer service by delivering quality products on time.     Learn more about What we do..>

Experienced and Qualified Team
We have a team of highly skilled and motivated professionals to deliver customer expectations. Each and every project we undertake, from tender stage through to contract completion is approached in the consistent professional approach. Our success till date can also be partially attributed to the fact that we have never undertaken any project that could not be managed to the same degree as our clients have come to expect from Matharu Carpentry.
Over the years, Matharu Carpentry has served the needs from average household to the needs of extended family members of Dubai Royals and from small businesses to the top star hotels giving us  exposure to varied needs of all segments of society. This has helped us continuously improve our services to the benefit of our customers.       See our work..>

Quality and Schedule
Matharu Carpentry started its journey with mere 3 member team and it was clear from the start that the future of the company depends on uncompromised quality and timely delivery of products and services. We have earned the trust of our clients and business partners for an uncompromised product quality and delivery of services on time contributing to our growth and success. We've held this principle close to our hearts and strive hard to exceed customer expectations.  
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